Are you ready for Consecration Sunday on October 6? Our recent letter to you offered three questions.  Perhaps these thoughts may guide your prayerful reflection.


  1. What do we do with God’s treasure? God’s true treasure is Jesus Christ, and his face is reflected on the face of the suffering poor.  Whatever we do for the least of our brothers and sisters, we do for Jesus himself.


  1. How do we joyfully support the ministries of St. Paul Lutheran Church? A tithe is the biblical benchmark for giving.  When we give generously, God opens the heavens and pours down blessing.  If a tenth of your income is not possible at this time, are you able to make a step up in giving?


  1. How do we personally carry out God’s work? Turn work into service.  Remember the story of the people carving stones?  One was killing time, and another was building a great cathedral (one stone at a time), and doing awakening service.  We always have a choice.


God has entrusted an abundance in His world to our care. May we respond gratefully and generously by giving to God through our finances.


Thank you so very much!
Pastor Ann Marie Perkins


CHERISH AND RELAT(ABLE) ARE VIDEO-BASED STUDIES AVAILABLE THROUGH STUDY GATEWAY. WOULD YOU LIKE TO PARTICIPATE?  Sign up in the narthex.  Invite friends and/or family who are not church members, too!


  1. “Cherish”, a six session study about marriage by Gary Thomas – Millions of couples getting married have pledged to “love and to cherish, until death do us part”. Most of us understand and get the love part…but what does it mean to cherish our spouse?  In this six-session video Bible study, bestselling author Gary Thomas draws on personal stories and teachings from the Bible to show how cherishing can have a powerful effect on marriage.  Learning to truly cherish each other turns marriage from an obligation into a delight.  It lifts marriage above a commitment to a precious priority.  Cherish is the melody that makes a marriage sing.  Many couples today survive by gritting their teeth and holding on.  Or they find themselves just “going through the motions” in their relationship.  But cherishing our spouse can reverse this pattern.  Cherishing can breathe light, hope, and new life into a marriage – even one marred by neglect and disrespect.


I have previewed the material and it looks like a five-star presentation of interesting stuff for married couples.  There is a study guide that has discussion questions which costs $6.50.  Couples could come together for viewing and discussion.


  1. “Relat(able)”, a six session study by Louie Giglio about various relationships (including, but not limited to, marriage) – From the time we are born, relationships shape who we are and how we engage with the world around us. We develop a view of God and others that impacts how we relate to our family and friends.  All of us desire more meaningful relationships, but where do we start?  In this study, Louie Giglio explores what makes us relatable.  Because God has gone to extraordinary lengths to relate to us, we can build incredible relationships with one another and even see restoration in broken relationships that seem impossible to repair.


I have previewed this material, too, and it looks like four-star quality.  There is a study guide that has questions for discussion which costs $5.50.  Any participants could come together for viewing and discussion.


GOOD LUCK MARK! This month we have said farewell and good luck to our custodian, Mark Cribley, who has served us well and faithfully for 10 years.  Mark moves on to work independently in home repairs and renovations.  We wish him much success.  Come for a piece of cake after worship on October 6 and tell Mark how much we will miss him.


WELCOME TIM MARTIN: Tim has stepped up to the plate to help St. Paul.  He is being hired as our full-time custodian as of September 30.  Tim, thank you, and welcome to the church staff.


LIVE GENEROUSLY: Next Sunday, October 6, is Consecration Sunday.  If you have a “Live Generously” Thrivent T-shirt, please wear it to celebrate our generosity in the Lord.  If you do not have one of these T-shirts, many different sizes are available on the table in the narthex.  Help yourself to one.


MISSIONARY BOBBY MOYER: On Sunday, October 13, we will receive a visit from ELCA lay missionary Bobby Moyer.  In 2016, Pastor Ann Marie made a missionary trip to Panama to check out the mission at San Felix.  There is a Jesuit spiritual and educational facility which serves as a hub for Bobby, as he serves the many poor people who live on the mountain reservation at the end of town.  Pastor Ann Marie joined Bobby in telling the people the gospel through the Jesus movie, through church services, and by installing water collection and reclamation systems.  St. Paul provided school supplies for kindergartners, and infant and children’s clothes, as well as donations for the water systems.  Through Panama “Buck-a-Chick”, we have sent funds for the purchase of chickens to supplement the peoples’ diet.  During Bobby’s visit, we would like to take a special collection to support his ministry.  Every dollar goes directly to relieving poverty, and to providing better health through clean water.  Notice the posters in the narthex, and please provide our missionary with a warm welcome.  *If there is interest, we may have a delegation from St. Paul in January 2020 to visit San Felix and assist Bobby with his work.  Let Pastor Ann Marie know of your interest.


CELEBRATE GRAND-FAMILIES: “Celebrate Grand-families” is a support group for grandparents raising their grandchildren. St. Paul is reaching out to support these families with Christian compassion and a place to meet and discuss their needs. We now have 17 families who participate, and more are welcome, if you know of anyone who would fit in.  While the grandparents meet, we will have crafts, games, bible stories, snacks, help with homework, tutoring, and a fun social time for children.  Church members are needed to help with the children.  Sessions in October will be on Saturdays, October 12 and 26, from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm.  Please contact Brenda Ceplecci or Pastor Perkins to help.