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Remembering those with medical challenges:   Debbie Bartlett, Elaine Benka, Ron Benka, Christian Groves, Jerry Groves, Don Hazel, Jim Illencik, Lauren Patton, Roy Seibert, Jeff Trimble, April Williams, Andrea Wollam


Remembering those who are home bound:   Shirlee Chambers, Charles English, Margaret Halavick, Ellen Miller, Harriette Shaffer


Remembering those with special needs:   Joe Benka, Bryan Giocondi, Debi Houlf, Harlan Lewis, Lisa Null, Anita Rayburn, Cindy Robinson, Deanna Savon, Willis Stauffer


Remembering those in Military Service:   Joe Baudo, Kirk Groves, Michael Maradin



With just six of us in attendance, we began our evening with a peanut butter pie (what a glorious way to start) and then delved into more serious matters.  Last month, Diana came up with five activities that we might be interested in – and we were.  So here is an update on them


  1. The kitchen alcove – We decided what we are going to keep (the counter to the left of the dishwasher) and what we are not (the counter to the right of the dishwasher and the dishwasher). We are going to put in tall cabinets to fill the space and Tom Skoczylas is looking for a buyer for the dishwasher and in no interest, sell the parts for scrap.


  1. The tapestry – Frame Depot did a great job of framing and hanging it. Go see it; it’s in the chapel and looks great.  There is still one more to go and will be up soon.


  1. Piano bench – A cushion for the bench in the parlor has been finished.


  1. Covering for doors in parlor – While looking for cabinets, we will also look for a covering for the two doors.


  1. “Spring Fling” – That is what we are calling the Rummage, Boutique, and Bake Sale. MAKE A NOTE – the date has been changed from April 29 to May 6.  Kay Paajanen will apply for a grant from Thrivent to help defray the costs of advertising and the food.  Please note that the proceeds will be split between the 150th St. Paul Anniversary Celebration and Rebekah Circle (tall kitchen cabinets) to help defray the costs.  In order for this event to be a success and because this is a joint event, we are going to need MANY VOLUNTEERS to help out.  We hope both young and old come forth when it is time.


We are sad to announce that Sue Kemp will no longer be our President because she and Wayne are moving to the Akron area.  All the years of work she has done for Rebekah Circle and the church must be applauded and will be sadly missed.  They both deserve hugs and good wishes for their next phase of life and I am sure they will still come back for many occasions.    Georgia Mikola, Secretary


Our Rummage, Boutique, and Bake Sale and Lunch now has a new name – SPRING FLING!  The date is May 6 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  MANY ITEMS are going to be needed for this big event, so start collecting things from your home, family, and friends.  They can be brought to the church and deposited in the youth room.  When the time draws nearer, lots of baked goods will be appreciated.  Lunch will have the following items for sale:  macaroni and potato salad, pepperoni and sausage rolls, beverages, and desserts.  This is a shared event with proceeds going to both the church and Rebekah Circle, so we want young and old to volunteer for this affair.  Let’s support this to make the “SPRING FLING” successful and profitable!


For the month of MARCH we are collecting instant potatoes and stuffing mix.


To my St. Paul Family,

Thank you all for the beautiful cards, your kind words of sympathy, and your thoughts and prayers.  All are so very much appreciated by my family.  We are all heartbroken from the loss of such a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather.  Although we know he is in a better place and together again with his youngest son, it is so very hard for those of us left here to grieve and to try to go on without him.  May I ask that you continue to keep all of us in your prayers.  I would also like to thank Pastor Ann Marie and Pastor Bill and the Councils for being so understanding and granting my request to reduce my working hours from 4 down to 3 (8-11 am at LLLC; 11:30-2:30 at St. Paul) so I am able to be available to assist my Mom in the afternoons for many tasks that lie ahead for her and for myself to find a new “normal” without my Dad in my life.  This is all so very hard.  I truly appreciate everything my St. Paul family has done to try to help me get through this most difficult time in my life.  Blessings to you all.    Lynn Golen


Weeks are still available for purchase, dedicated to your special intentions. The meditation candle is $5.00 and flowers are $30.00 for two vases. Please use an Order Envelope and PREPAY your order at the time that you sign the flower and candle chart. PAYMENT ENVELOPES ARE BY THE FLOWER CHART. On weeks where there is no paid order, the church will display silk flowers to the Glory of God.  Please sign up for your special weeks while they are available.


St. Paul volunteers will continue to help with registration and provide snacks for the canteen table during the Red Cross blood drives. If you would like to volunteer, see the sheet on the volunteer table or contact Bonnie Thompson.


Donations are always warmly welcomed, and with your continued support, we will be able to sustain this valuable ministry to young families.


Part of the Social Committee is Grief Ministry. Joyce Osborn is spearheading this ministry with Pr. Winters’ and God’s guidance and help.  When a loved one dies, Joyce sends a set of four books called “Journeying through Grief” throughout the first year. Each book describes the issues and feelings that a person tends to encounter at various points of grief and the books offer suggestions on handling them.  If Pastor Winters or Joyce can be of any help or if you have any questions during a time of grief, please contact either of them.


In the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), churches and clergy can no longer make written or oral public announcements of health information regarding our members.  Thus, unless specifically requested by a member to share other information, we are only able to indicate where a person is hospitalized or that they have been discharged.



3/1 = Donald Brant & Hunter Groves

3/2 = Pr. Ann Marie Winters

3/7 = Noah Kerns

3/11 = Grace Gilger & Ellen Miller

3/14 = Christine Mymo

3/16 = Marissa Colarich

3/22 = Evelyn Brant

3/23 = Erika Smith

3/29 = Cameron Mackowski

3/31 = Margaret Halavick & Penny Jewell



3/2 = Wilson, Paul & Sarah

3/7 = Seibert, Roy & Dorothy

3/8 = Pasku, III, Harry & Lucinda

3/12 = Preston, James & Cathie