2/02     Tim & Amy Martin

2/09     Tom & Trisha Mossor

2/16     Linda Murray & Nola Bennett

2/23     Christine & Kyra Mymo



2/02     Brooke Frazzini

2/09     Liz Chapin

2/16     Amy Martin

2/23     Linda Murray


Flower Delivery

2/02     Peggy Skoczylas

2/09     Diana Bauman

2/16     Joanne Santucci

2/23     Marty Maurice


Refer to the sheet in the Sacristy for deliveries.  Mark the date of delivery opposite the person’s name on the sheet.  Thank you.


Communion Assistants

2/02     Lisa Thirion

2/09     Kay Paajanen

2/16     Debbie Cravotta

2/23     Linda Murray


Acolytes  10:30 service:  (agreed dates by parish youth)

2/02     Kaitlyn Steuer

2/09     Brooke Frazzini

2/16     Chelsea Moorhead

2/23     Dominic Frazzini


Acolytes:  Please be present ten minutes before the service begins.  If you are unable to acolyte as scheduled, please trade with one of the other acolytes and notify Christine Mymo.  Thank you for your help!  We count on you to be here!



2/02     Marty Maurice & Grace Shiau

2/09     Marty Maurice & Grace Shiau

2/16     Tim Martin & Dale Whaley

2/23     Tim Martin & Dale Whaley


Child Care

2/02     Anna Lacy & Sarah Durf

2/09     Vanessa Lindenmuth & Brooke Frazzini

2/16     Anna Lacy & Kaitlyn Steuer

2/23     Kelly Hutchison & Dominic Frazzini



Church Closing                                   Visitor Notes

Georgia Mikola