Lay Ministry Update 8/7/20

Lay Ministry Scheduling for the Fall and Winter (2020-21):

During the summer, we have had a cautious return to in-person worship, due to the pandemic.  About 40 worshippers have been attending on a regular basis.  Another 150 families are watching on live stream (Facebook, YouTube)!

While Covid-19 makes our plans for in-person worship somewhat tentative, we also want to be prepared with a rotation for all the lay ministers that assist at worship.  The following summary for each ministry is to inform you and invite your participation in the coming schedule which will run for 6 months (from September 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021).

PLEASE CAREFULLY CONSIDER whether you plan to attend in-person worship, and whether you could continue to serve or begin serving in one of these ministries. 

PLEASE ADD/REMOVE YOUR NAME by contacting Lynn Golen, our office manager, at (330) 394-5741.   PLEASE RESPOND WITH YOUR CHANGES BY SUNDAY, AUGUST 9TH.


Lectors:  The lector reads the scripture lessons during the Liturgy of the Word each Sunday.  Lessons are received by mail several days in advance, so the lector can practice and be comfortable on Sunday morning.

Serving Sept 2020 to Feb 2021:  Rick Thompson, Debbie Bartlett, Marty Maurice, David Maurice, Brenda Hart, Rev Linda Murray, Liz Chapin, Kelly Hutchison, Charlene McCracken, Nola Bennett, Diana Bauman.

Greeters:   Arrive 20 minutes before worship begins, and stand at the church south or west entrance.  Prop open the door.  Welcome worshippers as they arrive, smile, and hand each person a worship bulletin. If a visitor arrives, introduce yourself, and let them know that an usher will help them to get a seat in the sanctuary. 

Serving Sept 2020 to Feb 2021:  Marty Maurice, Barb Basalyga, Terry Ceplecci, Judy Dodge, June Hutchison, Kelly Hutchison, Tim Martin, Amy Martin, Rev Linda Murray, Nola Bennett, Joanne Santucci, Trisha Mossor, Tom Mossor, Liz Chapin, Bonnie Thompson, Rick Thompson, Dave Maurice, Grace Shiau

Ushers:   Arrive 20  minutes before worship begins, and stand at the entrance to the sanctuary.  Have a few extra bulletins with you.  Insure that all four doors are propped open for the whole service.  Ask worshippers to take a seat filling front rows first, and then the back.  Fill in the names of people in attendance.  Include those in the chancel, and teachers, children and childcare as well.  After worship, put the attendance sheet on Lynn Golen’s desk.

Serving Sept 2020 to Feb 2021:  Roger Bartlett, Terry Ceplecci, Kelly Hutchison, Marty Maurice, Grace Shiau, Tim Martin, Dale Whaley, Harry Pasku, Tom Skoczylas, Peggy Skoczylas, Joanne Santucci, Kay Paajanen, Diana Bauman, Barb Basalyga, Dave Maurice, Bill Hart, Lorri Baudo, Ron Wireman.

Assisting Ministers:  Arrive at church and vest by 10:00 AM.  Follow the checklist of duties supplied at the training.  Assist the pastor as needed, lead the creed, and prayers of intercession.  (On the first Sunday of the month) prepare the table for communion.  Say the offering prayer and prayer after communion.  Speak the dismissal.  Greet worshippers as they leave from the parking lot.

Serving Sept 2020 to Feb 2021:  Those currently trained to serve are:  Rick Thompson, Marty Maurice, Terry Ceplecci, Stacey Altiere, Nola Bennett, Liz Chapin, Diana Bauman, Brenda Hart, Lorri Baudo, Rev Linda Murray.

*Acolytes:  Arrive 20 minutes before worship begins.  Vest in the sacristy, and get the candle lighter.  Process with the ministers, light the candles, receive the offering, help with communion, extinguish candles, other duties as assigned.

Due to Covid-19, we are scheduling acolytes only on Communion Sundays, the first Sunday of the month.

Serving Sept 2020 to Feb 2021:  Ean and Ethan Dodge, Evan and Marin Davis, Taylor Stredney, and Marcia McCracken.

**Communion Assistants:    Before the Lord’s Prayer vest in an alb, and wait to be called into the chancel at the Lamb of God prayer.  Receive the tray of communion wine and commune the people on the right side (pulpit side) of the sanctuary, saying “Blood of Christ, shed for you.”  Help the assisting minister to bring communion to anyone who remains in the pews.  

Due to Covid-19, we are currently celebrating Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month, and distributing communion as people depart.  Communion assistants will be scheduled when we return to regular communion practices:

Those serving are:  Barb Basalyga, Debbie Cravotta, Kay Paajanen, Georgia Mikola, Lisa Thirion, Peggy Skoczylas, Debbie Groves, Carole Null.