Newsletter — January



St. Paul Lutheran Church

2860 East Market Street

Warren, OH   44483




A Message from the President…

As the lights on our tree begin to dim, and the music begins to fade, Christmas of 2020 ebbs into the corners of our memories.  You may recall the gifts given you by family and friends, yet none were as profound as the gift given you by our God…the gift of his son.

I recall a story told by the famous Max Lucado:  Back in our elementary school days, my brother received a BB gun for Christmas.  We immediately set up a firing range in the backyard and spent the afternoon shooting at an archery target.  Growing bored with the ease of hitting the circle, my brother sent me to fetch a hand mirror.  He placed the gun backward on his shoulder, spotted the archery bull’s eye in the mirror, and did his best Buffalo Bill imitation.  But he missed the target.  He also missed the storehouse behind the target and the fence behind the storehouse.  We had no idea where the BB pellet flew.  Our neighbor across the alley knew, however.  He soon appeared at the back fence, asking who had shot the BB gun and who was going to pay for his sliding glass door.  At this point, I disowned my brother.  I changed my last name and claimed to be a holiday visitor from Canada.  My father was more noble than I.  Hearing the noise, he appeared in the backyard, freshly rousted from his Christmas Day nap, and talked with the neighbor.  Among his words were these:  “Yes, they are my children.  Yes, I’ll pay for their mistakes.”  

Christ says the same about you.  He knows you miss the target.  He knows you can’t pay for your mistakes.  But he can.  “God presented Jesus as the sacrifice for sin.”  (Romans 3:25)

Let us look forward to the New Year that is full of promise and hope.  We all have within us the courage, strength, faithfulness, and love to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Therefore, with a strong heart and a willing spirit, let us not be afraid to venture into the unknown, but to go forth with God’s grace and his continued love.  Happy New Year!

Love and Peace,

Diana Bauman

GUEST PASTOR FOR JANUARY:  Our guest pastor for January will be the Rev. Richard A. Seaks, who is a retired ELCA pastor.  He has lived in northeast Ohio for five years, relocating from Pennsylvania with his wife, Susan.  Pastor Seaks is a graduate of Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove and the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg.  His pastorates have been at Ascension Lutheran in Towson, MD, St. Mark Lutheran in Oakland, MD, St. Luke Lutheran in Cumberland, MD, and Evangelical Lutheran in Waynesboro, PA.  He has been active in ELCA camps, notably Camp Nawakwa in Pennsylvania and Camp Luther in West Virginia.  Pastor and Susan have three children (David, Amy, and Kristin) and six grandchildren.  They reside in Garrettsville next door to their daughter, Kristin and her children, Lillian and Benjamin.  




Praying for members with medical challenges:  Jerry Groves, Carolyn Marsh

Remembering those with special needs:  Ted Buch, Gini Cage, Peggy Martin, Dean Voye, Mark Voye 

Remembering those who are home bound:  Ron Benka, Elaine Benka, Pastor Richard Bowen, Bill Cohol, Marlene Cohol, Geneveive Costello, Jim Illencik, Jean Maurice, Harriette Shaffer

Remembering those in the Military:  Jonathan Benka, Kirk Groves, Michael Maradin

THANK YOU:  Thanks for the perfect way you brightened my day!  Will think of all with every bite.  Harriette Shaffer

To the Colarich Family & St. Paul Youth Group:  Thank you very much for your gift of cookies!  We really appreciate your consideration at this time of our lives!  Bill & Marlene Cohol

I want to thank the Colarich Family and St. Paul Youth Group for the hand crafted basket of delicious cookies.  I sure appreciate it.   God bless you all, Lois Kaye

CELEBRATE GRAND-FAMILIES“Celebrate Grand-families” is a support group for grandparents raising their grandchildren.  St. Paul is reaching out to support these families with Christian compassion and a place to meet and discuss their needs.  While the grandparents meet, we will have crafts, games, bible stories, snacks, help with homework, tutoring, and a fun social time for children.  Sessions in January will be on Saturdays, January 9 and 23, from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm.  Please contact Liz Chapin to help. 

ANNUAL CONGREGATION MEETINGThe Annual Congregation Meeting will be held at St. Paul on Sunday, January 31, 2021, at 11:30 am.  

FOOD OUTREACH:  St. Paul is reaching out to old and new friends with a fresh meal and food care packages that are delivered once a month.  We are thankful for the response from you.  Keep filling the basket and we will keep delivering as needed, into the new year.  The following suggested items are always appreciated:  cereal, soup and crackers, macaroni & cheese, easy-prep noodle or rice side dishes, canned meats, canned fruit and vegetables, boxed potatoes and stuffing, peanut butter and jelly, and cookies.  Monetary donations can be made to the church with FOOD OUTREACH on the memo line.  This is a Thrivent Financial Action Team project.  Contact Bonnie Thompson at 330-272-1400, Debbie Illencik at 234-308-1626, or Grace Shiau at 330-505-8175.

SPLASH TODAYSplash Ministry is a monthly resource which is mailed to parents of children from ages newborn to 3 years.  This resource helps young children to grow in their faith formation and provides fun and easy ideas for bringing faith into the everyday life of infants, toddlers, and their families.  It also connects the church to families for support and encouragement.  If you have further questions about the Splash Ministry, please see Bonnie Thompson or Brenda Ceplecci.  Donations for Splash are always warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated.  

GRIEF MINISTRYPart of the Social Committee is Grief Ministry. Joyce Osborn (330-372-2136) is spearheading this ministry with God’s guidance and help.  When a loved one dies, Joyce sends a set of four books called “Journeying through Grief” throughout the first year. Each book describes the issues and feelings that a person tends to encounter at various points of grief and the books offer suggestions on handling them.  If Joyce can be of any help or if you have any questions during a time of grief, please contact her.

HALL RENTAL:  Anyone wishing to rent Cassel Hall must first call the office to schedule the date to be sure it is not already rented or in use by the church, the Preschool, DAR, or the Red Cross.  There is also paper work which needs to be filled out prior to renting.

FLOWERS AND MEDITATION CANDLESWeeks are available for purchase, dedicated to your special intentions. The meditation candle is $5.00 and flowers are $30.00 for two vases. Please use an Order Envelope and PREPAY your order at the time that you sign the flower and candle chart. PAYMENT ENVELOPES ARE BY THE FLOWER CHART. On weeks where there is no paid order, the church will display silk flowers to the Glory of God.  Please sign up for your special weeks while they are available. 

DUE TO GOVERNMENT REGULATIONSIn the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), churches and clergy can no longer make written or oral public announcements of health information regarding our members.  Thus, unless specifically requested by a member to share other information, we are only able to indicate where a person is hospitalized or that they have been discharged.

DEADLINE FOR NEWSLETTER ARTICLES:  Sunday, December 6, for January articles due to Christmas holiday.


1 = Shirley Gadzolski

4 = Judy Dodge

5 = Gabriella DiRubba, Lewis Hutchison, & Georgia Maurice

7 = Alicia Seitz

9 = Thomas Schubert

10 = Geneveive Costello

13 = Deborah Bartlett

14 = Donald Aurand

17 = Charlene McCracken

19 = Judy Muehlbauer

20 = Marlene Cohol

22 = Sarah Durf


23 = Chapin, Darrin & Liz

23 = Hall, Kenny & Nancy


Acolytes  10:30 service:  (agreed dates by parish youth) 

1/03    Marcia McCracken





Acolytes:  Please be present ten minutes before the service begins.  If you are unable to acolyte as scheduled, please trade with one of the other acolytes and notify Christine Mymo – 330-647-2913.  Thank you for your help!  We count on you to be here!

Assisting Ministers

1/03    Nola Bennett

1/10    Rick Thompson

1/17    Diana Bauman

1/24    Terry Ceplecci

1/31    Brenda Hart

Church Closing

David Maurice

Communion Assistants

1/03    None through Feb.

1/10    None through Feb.

1/17    None through Feb.

1/24    None through Feb.

1/31    None through Feb.

Flower Delivery

1/03    Marty Maurice

1/10    Joanne Santucci

1/17    June & Kelly Hutchison

1/24    Peggy Skoczylas

1/31    Diana Bauman

Refer to the sheet in the Sacristy for deliveries.  Mark the date of delivery opposite the person’s name on the sheet.  Thank you.


1/03    David Maurice & Grace Shiau

1/10    Barb Basalyga & Debbie Cravotta

1/17    Terry Ceplecci & Judy Dodge

1/24    Kelly Hutchison

1/31    Tim & Amy Martin


1/03    Marcia McCracken

1/10    Kelly Hutchison

1/17    Debbie Bartlett

1/24    Marty Maurice

1/31    Brenda Hart


1/03    Grace Shiau & Kelly Hutchison

1/10    Grace Shiau & Kelly Hutchison

1/17    Joanne Santucci & Marty Maurice

1/24    Joanne Santucci & Marty Maurice

1/31    Joanne Santucci & Marty Maurice