Pastor Ann Marie Winters

Ann Marie Winters was born and raised in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. She has two grown children, and two grandsons. Her favorite hobbies include watercolor painting, golfing and cooking. She lives with her cat, Chakra, near St Paul Church.

More than 30 years ago, her ministry began in the Roman Catholic Church, working as a canon lawyer in Cincinnati. She was drawn to the ministry of justice and pastoral care. After serving the diocese of Cincinnati, she was also a family mediator for several counties in southern Ohio and Kentucky, later going to study at United Theological Seminary. In 2001, she finished her masters of divinity degree at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus. Since then, she has thoroughly enjoyed serving as a Lutheran pastor–, first in Franklin at St Paul Lutheran Church, then in Pataskala at Hosanna Lutheran Church. Nearly 10 years ago, Pastor Ann Marie came to St Paul Church in Warren.

“The emphasis of my ministry has been collaborating with St Paul’s people, and growing with them by reaching out with the love of Christ. During our ten years together in Warren, evangelism has been my pride and joy: Bike Rodeos for the neighborhood kids; “The 500 Homes” repairs project; The Peace Program at Lincoln School; “Lighting the Way” eldercare learning sessions; grand-families support group; and Celebrate Recovery. My mission trip to San Felix, Panama was another opportunity for the whole congregation to support outreach for the education of the Panamanian natives and the construction of rainwater recovery systems there.”

“What I love most about my vocation as a pastor is being able to bring the Word of God to people, and to increase our connections to Jesus Christ. I do this by forming relationships, sharing the Gospel, preaching, and celebrating Baptism and Holy Communion.”

“I love a challenge, and if something is difficult, I will find others to help me in rising to the occasion. While many mainline churches are declining, St Paul is growing! I have enjoyed seeing the slow but steady growth of St Paul over my 10 years here, and I know there is an ongoing dedication to serving God and people. Come join in our mission.”