Update 10/11/20

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church

2860 East Market Street, Warren, Ohio   44483


Office email:   stpaulwarrenoh@aol.com

Office Hours 11:30 am – 2:30 pm

Pastor Winters Cell:  330-469-6296

October 11, 2020

Sharing in the ministry today:

Presider – Rev. Ann Marie Winters

Assisting Minister – Liz Chapin

Church Closing – Lorri Baudo

Flower Delivery – June & Kelly Hutchison

Greeters – Marty Maurice & Carolyn Marsh

Lector – Liz Chapin

Ushers – Diana Bauman & Kay Paajanen

Our Mission:

Baptized in Christ and strengthened through Word and Sacrament, we seek to share Christ’s love and forgiveness, to live in the world as God’s humble servants, and to be a caring and welcoming church.

Praying for members with medical challenges:  Diana Bartlett, Rodger Bartlett, David Baudo, Elaine Benka, Ron Benka, Don Brant, Laurie Czoka, Jerry Groves, Stephanie Groves, Nancy Hall, Carolyn Marsh, Roy Seibert, Jane Shaw, Ken Wareham, Jerry Wareham, Jean Waris, April Williams, Andrea Wollam

Remembering those who are home bound:  Pastor Richard Bowen, Bill Cohol, Marlene Cohol, Geneveive Costello, Jim Illencik, Jean Maurice, Harriette Shaffer

Remembering those with special needs:  Ted Buch, Gini Cage, Cora Campbell, Julie Craig, Cindy Crisafi, Connie Fowler, Mary Groves, Roxanne Meeker, Sharri Olson, Mary Lou Robertson, Cindy Robinson, Scotty Santimarino, Sandy Seitz, Ondine Shiau, Alison Steuer, Rev. Paul Swartz, Dean Voye, Mark Voye, Bob Webb 

Remembering those in the Military:  Jonathan Benka, Danielle Greenhill, Kirk Groves, Michael Maradin

The Altar Flowers are given in memory of Charles Hutchison by June and Kelly Hutchison.

The Eternal Light Candle burns this week in loving memory of Mary Osborn by Joyce Osborn.

Announcement Page Articles:  Please have your articles to the church office by Tuesday each week.

New Members & BaptismsToday we are thrilled to welcome 3 new members by transfer and to baptize 2 babies and 2 teenagers!  Welcome to Aly Steuer, Tanner Lenskold, and their sons, Keegan and Karson.  Adam and Venessa Lindenmuth are bringing their third child, Ben, for baptism.  And from our Youth Group, Josh Dickens and Zeke Ruiz are baptized into Christ today.  What joy!

Grand-families:  Grand-families meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month in the Parlor.  We will meet Saturday, October 24, at 10:30 am.

Oktoberfest “To Go”:  We are having a different kind of Oktoberfest this year—SAME GREAT FOOD—but “To Go” only on Saturday, October 24, from 4:00 to 6:30 pm.  Dinners are $10.00 each and they will be distributed to your car from the kitchen door.  We will also have a basket raffle and a 50/50 raffle available.  No ticket to buy; just drive on up and take home a great meal.  This is a Thrivent sponsored event.  Pick up your flyer with all the info on it from your greeter at the entrance doors.

Bibles for BobOur missionary in Panama, Bobby Moyer, has begun another church site in the jungle with the Panama natives.  When our friend from Mexico, Francisco, visited Bob last winter, they erected a 14-foot cross to mark the spot.  They have nothing as yet for this church gathering—but people are coming to worship and learn about Christ!  We would like to send bob money to buy bibles in their native Ngabe language.  Each bible is about $5.00.  Please give as you are able to spread the Word of God.  The collection is being held from September 20 to October 31.  A donation can is on the display table in the narthex, or send a donation with your offering.  Thanks in advance.  For questions, please contact Debbie Groves at 330-442-5382.  TO DATE YOU HAVE GIVEN $418.00!

Fall Food Outreach:  Our first Action Team Food Distribution was September 25.  The team prepared a hot meal for some of our old friends at St. Paul’s and some community families.  Altogether, 17 hot meals were delivered.  Four families received additional bags of dry goods.  We are grateful for the gifts and talents we have been given to use in service and to share our love for others.  Thank you to Grace Shiau for the kernel of an idea and for serving up her rice, Debbie Illencik for applying to Thrivent for funding, shopping, and delivering, Bonnie Thompson for the baked chicken, Marty Maurice for helping with delivery, and everyone for donating groceries and making monetary donations.  The goal is to make deliveries once a month this year.  If you would like to join the fun, call Debbie Illencik at 234-308-1626 or Bonnie Thompson at 330-272-1400.  

Pastor Winters is called to serve in Troy:  Dear friends, most of you have received the letter with the news that I will no longer be St. Paul’s pastor.  My last Sunday will be October 18.  While I am excited to move to be near my daughter and her family, I am also feeling sad to leave this wonderful congregation!  I realize this comes as a surprise, since we have been engaged in active ministry and worship together for nearly 10 years.  It was a surprise to me as well that God is calling me to serve as “priest-in-charge” at Trinity Episcopal Church, Troy.  The bishops would like me to bring Lutherans into the church at Trinity, and this is a challenge I welcome.  I will always be your friend, and I hope your prayers will go with me.  I would be thrilled if you would like to make a donation of any size in my honor to the “Bibles for Bob” effort (see above article)!  I will miss you all, and I hope our last month will be a good time of making transitions and saying good-byes.  Love and peace, Pastor Ann Marie

Send off for Pastor Ann Marie:  On Sunday, October 18, we will be saying goodbye to Pastor Ann Marie.  Please join us after worship to wish her well.  Come into Cassel Hall to say your goodbye, and don’t forget to grab a piece of cake to take home and enjoy.  Help us to send Pastor off in great style and with God’s blessing.

October 2020

12 – Council in Parlor 6:00 pm

18 – Pastor Winters last Sunday, reception after worship; NEWSLETTER DEADLINE – Please have your articles to the church office by this date                                                                                                                            

24 – Grand-families in Parlor 10:30 am; “To Go” Oktoberfest 4:00-6:30 pm