Update 2/14/21

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church

2860 East Market Street, Warren, Ohio   44483


Office email:   stpaulwarrenoh@aol.com

Office Hours 11:30 am – 2:30 pm

February 14, 2021

Sharing in the ministry today:

Presider – Rev. Gail Zackrison

Live-stream Technician – Tom Mossor

Altar Guild – Debbie Groves & Ruth Sarko

Assisting Minister – Lorri Baudo

Church Closing – Georgia Mikola

Flower Delivery – Joanne Santucci

Greeters – Trisha Mossor & Liz Chapin

Lector – Lorri Baudo

Ushers – Barb Basalyga & Harry Pasku

Our Mission:

Baptized in Christ and strengthened through Word and Sacrament, we seek to share Christ’s love and forgiveness, to live in the world as God’s humble servants, and to be a caring and welcoming church.

We are changing our prayer list guidelines.  The names listed below will stay on the list for the month of February.  If you want a name put on the prayer list, please call or email the church office.

February Prayers

Praying for members with medical challenges:  Elaine Benka, Ron Benka, Darlene Cesta, Jerry Groves, Carolyn Marsh

Remembering those with special needs:  Ann Buch, Gini Cage, Cora Campbell, Sandy Jewell, Peggy Martin, Dean Voye, Mark Voye 

Remembering those who are home bound:  David Baudo, Pastor Richard Bowen, Bill Cohol, Marlene Cohol, Geneveive Costello, Jim Illencik, Jean Maurice, Harriette Shaffer

Remembering those in the Military:  Jonathan Benka, Kirk Groves, Michael Maradin

Announcement Page Articles:  Please have your articles to the church office by Tuesday each week.

Visit us:  On Facebook at:  www.facebook.com/stpaulwarrenoh; on our website at:  stpaulwarrenoh.org

Interim Pastor:  Our Interim Pastor is Gail Zackrison.  She will be our Interim Pastor for this pastoral transition.  She is trained in Intentional Interim Ministry, which is a process to help a congregation look at itself and its mission, etc.  As many of you as possible will be involved in that process.  She lives in Edinboro, PA, with her cat, Jennifer.  She has two daughters, both of which are married with one child each.  Pr. Zackrison went to Christ Seminary-Seminex, and graduated in 1982, and was ordained on Super Bowl Sunday 1983.  She has served congregations in Missouri and Pennsylvania with several interim positions in Missouri, Kansas, Upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  She is currently the interim at St. John Lutheran Church in Champion also.

Food Outreach:  We are thankful for the response from you.  Our hope is to maintain the servant project, once a month, through the year, recognizing an essential need in the community and to keep communication with some of our members, too.  The following suggested items are always appreciated;  cereal, soup, chili, crackers, macaroni and cheese, easy-prep noodle or rice side dishes, canned meats (tuna salmon, turkey, chicken), canned vegetables, boxed potatoes, gravy, peanut butter and jelly, and cookies.  Monetary donations can be made to the church with FOOD OUTREACH on the memo line.  Questions or suggestions, please contact Bonnie Thompson at 330-272-1400, Debbie Illencik at 234-308-1626 or Grace Shiau at 330-720-4579.  

Grand-families:  Grand-families meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month in the Parlor.  We will meet Saturday, February 27, at 10:30 am.

Supporting St. Paul Lutheran Church:  It’s time to remind Thrivent members to direct Choice Dollars by March 30.  Many projects and activities in 2020 were supported with funding from Thrivent Financial.  Members can build on our resources from Thrivent to make a good idea into a great project with an Action Team in 2021.  You may also be able to support us by participating in Thrivent Choice!  Through the Thrivent Choice program, you can make a personal donation or direct Thrivent Choice Dollars to St. Paul Lutheran Church, Warren, Ohio.  To learn more about Thrivent, visit thrivent.com or call 800-847-4836 and listen to the prompts.  I can help you with that if you need assistance, Bonnie Thompson 330-272-1400.