Update 8/7/20

Update on our Pandemic Precautions:  Please remember that we are only in Phase Two of our return to in-person worship.  It is tedious, but we need to wear masks while we are in church, and maintain a 6-foot social distance.  I know we are happy to see each other, and to be together again, so it is critical that we follow the protocols that we have accepted as a condition to coming back.  There is a rise in cases of the corona virus in Ohio, and locally, and we must be vigilant about our actions.  Coming into worship, please fill the seats from the front of the sanctuary to the rear, and when we dismiss, go from the back to the front.  Please congregate for conversation only OUTSIDE in the fresh air.

Grand-families:  Grand-families meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month in the Parlor.  We will meet Saturday, August 22, at 10:30 am.

Online Giving:  We have a new opportunity to give online through Tithe.ly.  If you are on St. Paul’s Facebook page during our livestream worship or at any other time during the week, you can scroll down on the home page and find Tithe.ly.  Using your device or computer, just follow the instructions to make an offering to St. Paul Church.  You may use a credit card or bank account to set it up.  You may choose to cover the small service fee as well.  Soon Tithe.ly will be on our website as well.  Tithe.ly can also be downloaded as an App.  However you choose, please continue to give generously to St. Paul Lutheran Church.  Every bit helps our mission.  Thank you!  Thank you!

Website Changes:  If you will go to stpaulwarrenoh.org, you will see a fresh look is under construction through the efforts of Tom Mossor.  Watch for several videos of St. Paul members speaking online!  Thanks!

Online Worship:  If you are participating in our Sunday worship by Facebook or YouTube, please check out our website (stpaulwarrenoh.org) for worship streaming and bulletin on your computer.

FYI:  If anyone is in need, Emmanuel Lutheran Church can be contacted at 330-392-5939 to help on an “as needed” basis.  They still maintain some food resources for the hungry.

Fall & Winter Lay Ministry Schedule:  If you plan to attend in-person worship over the next six months, please check the tentative scheduling document and contact Lynn Golen by tomorrow, August 10, if you have any changes.

Taken from the Northeastern Ohio Synod website:

Prayer for Racial Justice

Save us, O God, from ourselves, from racism often cloaked in pious words, from the machinations of white supremacy hidden in calls for civility, from micro-aggressions thinly veiled in arrogance, from apologies when they don’t give way to action, from forgiveness without facing the truth, from reconciliation without reparation.  Deliver us, O God, from expecting siblings of color to continue to bear this emotional work, which is not theirs to do.  Grateful for the long arc that bends toward justice, we pray:  Grant us wisdom, give us courage for the facing of these days, by the power of the Spirit, all for the sake of the kin-dom that we share in Christ Jesus.  Amen.