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Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative

January 11 – January 31

January 11, 2021, is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  OHIO IS RANKED #4 IN THE NATION for human trafficking of men, women, and children.  We often hear of the horror stories in the news, however not much is known about the statistics and moving parts in the background.  In fact, there are multiple non-profit ministries working tirelessly to assist law enforcement in the recovery, rehabilitation, and support of these victims.  This is where we come in.  Beginning Monday, January 11, we will assist these ministries by spreading awareness and supporting their endeavors financially through television, social media, and word of mouth.  We will have informational links/videos for parents provided by the Ohio Department of Health as well as links to the ministries dedicated to human trafficking survivors on our website and Facebook page.  I encourage everyone to take a moment and look at these resources that provide warning signs, tips, and contact information to report suspected human trafficking.  Monetary donations can be made directly to the non-profit organization of your choice through the provided links.  Please contact Stacey Altiere to make other monetary donation arrangements at 330-718-8820.  Please, please, please help spread the word by mouth and sharing on social media.  It could save someone’s life. 

Time Capsule Project

Our Sunday School children began work on their 2020 Time Capsule project last week.  A coloring page as well as a “scavenger hunt” list of items were sent home last Sunday.  Please return these items ASAP so we can continue to move forward with the project.  Sorry parents, this project comes with a little bit of homework!  If your child did not receive these items or you have empty shoe boxes with lids (I am still short a few), please see Stacey Altiere.